Learn From Your Peers

At Schwab Intelligent Technologies® and our affiliate Schwab Advisor Services™, we're committed to providing industry best practices for integrating technologies at your firm. These videos offer insights and real-world experience from advisors and technology vendors to help you choose and implement the right technology for your firm.

CRM Selection and Implementation

The Right Time to Switch CRMs

Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri discusses his company’s history with CRM, and the changes that led them to Salesforce.

Choosing the Right CRM

Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri walks through the steps involved in selecting the right CRM for his firm’s needs.

Implementing CRM

Golub Group's Colin Higgins discusses how his firm went about implementing a CRM solution.

"Going All In" with CRM

Golub Group's Kurt Hoefer offers his observations on driving a successful CRM implementation.

Schwab OpenView Gateway® Integration

Integration Takes CRM to the Next Level

Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri talks about Schwab Openview Gateway®, and how it puts all of the information advisors need at their fingertips.

Integration Experience

Golub Group's Colin Higgins describes the benefits of integrating Schwab Advisor Center® data into their CRM.

Using Schwab OpenView Gateway® to Integrate Data

Golub Group's Kurt Hoefer shares his thoughts on integrating Schwab Advisor Center® data into the firm's CRM.

CRM Benefits and Results

Real, Tangible Benefits - What CRM has Done for Clarfeld

Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri talks about the way that his firm measures success for their CRM effort, and how they plan to monitor and build on that success in the future.

Seeing the Results

Golub Group's Colin Higgins discusses the improvements the firm has seen from centering their practice around their CRM.

Reaching CRM Goals

Golub Group's Kurt Hoefer talks about how his firm measures the success of their CRM-centric approach.

CRM Ideas and Advice

For Implementation, Planning Makes the Difference

Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri details the planning, decision-making, and implementation processes that helped his firm successfully deploy its CRM solution.

Advice for CRM Implementation

Golub Group's Colin HIggins and Kurt Hoefer offer advice for those who are thinking about implementing CRM.