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Learn From Your Peers

At Schwab Intelligent Technologies® and our affiliate Schwab Advisor Services™, we're committed to providing industry best practices for integrating technologies at your firm. These videos offer insights and real-world experience from advisors and technology vendors to help you choose and implement the right technology for your firm.

CRM Selection and Implementation

  • The Right Time To Switch CRMs— Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri discusses his company’s history with CRM, and the changes that led them to Salesforce.
  • Choosing the Right CRM— Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri walks through the steps involved in selecting the right CRM for his firm’s needs.
  • Implementing CRM— Golub Group's Colin Higgins discusses how his firm went about implementing a CRM solution.
  • "Going All In" with CRM— Golub Group's Kurt Hoefer offers his observations on driving a successful CRM implementation.

Schwab OpenView Gateway® Integration

  • Integration Experience— Westmount Asset Management’s Michael Amash and JMG Financial Group’s Dan Jurgovan talk about the benefits of integrating data into their firm’s technology through Schwab OpenView Gateway®.
  • Integration Takes CRM To The Next Level— Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri talks about Schwab Openview Gateway®, and how it puts all of the information advisors need at their fingertips.
  • Integration Experience— Golub Group's Colin Higgins describes the benefits of integrating Schwab Advisor Center® data into their CRM.
  • Using Schwab OpenView Gateway® to Integrate Data— Golub Group's Kurt Hoefer shares his thoughts on integrating Schwab Advisor Center® data into the firm's CRM.

CRM Benefits and Results

  • Real, Tangible Benefits- What CRM Has Done for Clarfeld — Clarfeld’s Anthony Schembri talks about the way that his firm measures success for their CRM effort, and how they plan to monitor and build on that success in the future.
  • Seeing the Results — Golub Group's Colin Higgins discusses the improvements the firm has seen from centering their practice around their CRM.
  • Reaching CRM Goals — Golub Group's Kurt Hoefer talks about how his firm measures the success of their CRM-centric approach.

CRM Ideas and Advice