Evaluate the Benefits of Technology Outsourcing

Growing your firm demands valuable time, resources, and focus. In fact 53% of advisors surveyed for Charles Schwab's 2012 RIA benchmarking study reported that devoting sufficient staff time to business development has been their number 1 barrier to achieving growth.

So ask yourself: What's my time truly worth?

  • Do I gain any competitive advantage from managing data in house (such as collecting, maintaining, reconciling and reporting)?
  • Does running servers or backing up data have a direct impact on increasing my revenue or driving growth?
  • Can I serve my clients better if I'm more mobile and can access data anytime, from anywhere?

Outsourcing your core operations and technology can help you focus on the things that have a more direct impact on your revenue and growth.


Check out the resources below to see if outsourcing is the way to go for your firm.

Understanding the Basics

Understanding Each Type


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